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Inside every adult is an instinctive desire to help and serve others. It’s also part of our nature to want to do things that keep us engaged and excited about getting up in the morning. If you’ve figured out how to bring this balance into your life, others will want to hear about the information, ideas, knowledge and strategies you’ve used to build and live a more fulfilling life.

You are an expert at something, and we all possess knowledge or information that can help others. We just don’t always have the opportunity to share it because we spent most of our time working to achieve other people’s agendas. It doesn’t have to be that way.

In this book you’ll learn how to combine your knowledge and passion to share, educate, inspire or entertain others as a professional speaker. You’ll learn easy steps for developing and organizing your message, finding your audiences, building a speaking business, and presenting yourself as the kind of professional people look forward to working with and listening to.

Now is the time to tap into your passion and develop it into an expertise you can move From the Soapbox to the Stage!


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Bill Corbett

Bill Corbett is an award winning professional speaker who has been speaking since 1995. He has been on stages across the U.S. for everything from brief lectures to keynote speeches to multi-day training events. He is a regular contributor to network television affiliates, and produces and hosts his own television show. 

Bill is an award-winning author, writes a syndicated column, produced the Top-Notch Presentation Skills training video, lectures on leadership and communication skills, and provides coaching to individuals who aspire to develop their speaking business skills.

After traveling and lecturing nationally for several years, Bill sat down and wrote this book in response to something audience members said to him over and over: “I want to do what you do. I want to speak for a living.”  His latest book is here; a step-by-step blueprint for re-inventing yourself, using your expertise to start a speaking business and bringing your passion to the world!  Learn more about Bill Corbett on his website at


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“There’s nothing more exciting than doing what you love to do – except for maybe when you also get to stand on a stage and share it with an audience. If you’ve been dreaming about standing on a stage, Bill Corbett’s book provides a step-by-step guide that will help get you there. Read it, learn from it, and then step up!”


Dan Nainan, Comedian and Actor


David Newman Headshot 2“Although passion is not enough, the solid information in Bill Corbett’s book will supplement and complement your passion so that you will stand out from the crowd as you launch your professional speaking success. Take the wisdom in this book – read it – apply it – DO IT!”


David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing
Past President, National Speakers Association, Philadelphia


Fred Miller Headshot 2“Passion” is one of the main ingredients for success in the Speaking Business, and Bill’s shines throughout his writings. I suggest, without reservation, purchasing and reading how Bill “Successfully Did It!” Follow his formula by first finding your passion and you can be on the stage, also!”


Fred E. Miller, Speaker – Author – Coach


holly headshot 2“Bill is the 1st person to tell the truth about making a career as a keynoter. If you have dreamed of sharing your story with the world, read Bill’s book. He will hold your hand and buffer your heart through the difficult bits. At last! If you have a unique message to share, Bill will help you walk the path one step at a time to heartwarming success.”


Holly Elissa Bruno, International Keynote Speaker, Author, Radio Show Host


Heather headshot 2“From the Soapbox to the Stage is an insightful book that combines the unique thought process of a speaker as well as specific strategies to turn your motivation into the reality of a career. Bill Corbett has done an extraordinary job of getting the new speaker Fired Up to take action toward a successful speaking business. I highly recommend it!”


Heather Hansen O’Neill, award winning speaker, author, and connection expert


Stephanie headshot 2“Life as a professional speaker has many rewards and Bill Corbett has done a fantastic job of laying out the process for starting your own speaking business. If this is the career path you want to follow, you need this book. Highly recommended!”


Stephanie Chandler, Author of Own Your Niche: Hype-Free Internet Marketing Tactics to Establish Authority in Your Field and Promote Your Service-Based Business


Mike Finn“Bill has taken a career of learning the ins and outs of the professional speaking business, and has presented it in a concise, honest, how-to format for the aspiring speaker, as well as the already-established speaker, to learn and grow. Any professional speaker would benefit from Bill’s sage advice.”


Mike Finn, DTM, Founder, Siebold Success Network


PhilValentine“Bill Corbett has not only laid out a blueprint for starting a speaking career he unveils the secret to success in any field: tenacity. Too many people give up on their dreams because people tell them they can’t do it. It’s those who take those negative thoughts and turn them into motivation who succeed.”


Phil Valentine, nationally syndicated talk show host


JimBouchard“I’ve met too many people who think that speaking is an easy trip to fame and fortune. I’m not going to sugar coat it- the speaking business is tough! Of course, Confucius taught us that every journey begins with a single step, right? And even the toughest trek is made easier with a good map and a reliable compass! That’s Bill Corbett’s gift to aspiring speakers with “From the Soapbox to the Stage.” (And he offers some encouragement you’ll appreciate along the way!)
From crafting your content and presentation to utilizing every marketing tool available from web to traditional media, “From Soapbox to Stage” is your speaking business GPS system. Follow it!”


Jim Bouchard, Speaker and author of THINK Like a BLACK BELT


Debbie Clement“From the Soapbox to the Stage” is the perfect storm of how-to and ‘why-to.’ Bill Corbett has assembled the dream tool kit for the beginning speaker, launching a new career. His book will light the fire and then direct it to a meaningful laser-like focus. There’s plenty of depth for the seasoned speaker to take their presentations to the next level as well. This treasure is certain to become a favorite resource as your speaking career hits new heights.”


Debbie Clement, Keynote Presenter at Rainbows Within Reach


Abby Stokes“Bill Corbett’s “From the Soapbox to the Stage” is more than a great resource for anyone starting, or wanting to refresh, their career as a Public Speaker. This book is also a guide to finding the right path to bring you happiness and fulfillment and how to live your life to the fullest. Bill is definitely “…in the business of informing others and helping them change or enhance their lives in positive ways.”


Abby Stokes, Public Speaker and Author of best-selling “Is This Thing On?” A Computer Handbook For Late Bloomers, Technophobes, and the Kicking & Screaming (Workman)


Tam“I’ve had to mine through dozens of websites to collect all the information I needed to begin my journey to public speaking. In From Soapbox to Stage Bill Corbett has gathered it all in one place. Easy to follow, yet complete enough to give you a full understanding of how it’s done, this book gives a solid foundation in making your entrance into public speaking much more attainable.”


Tam Veilleux, author, workshop leader & transformational speaker


croix“If you are looking to build a business as a professional speaker, you must read this book. It is full of very important business building strategies to get paid more and get booked more. I wish I had a book like this when I first started speaking.”



Croix Sather, author of Dream Big Act Big, world record athlete, and professional speaker


clyde“Bill Corbett has created the book most speakers have long been waiting for. “From Soapbox to the Stage – How to Use Your Passion to Start a Speaking Business” is a must have for anyone who is looking for a consolidated resource of tools ,techniques, how-tos one can use to develop, mature, or enhance their speaking business. I guarantee you; this is a book that you will often refer to as a valuable reference for starting and even seasoned speakers. Some of his recommended tips and techniques have also proven useful for me even as an accomplished speaker. Jim Rohn has said that, “Success leaves clues.” I know Bill to be a successful award-winning speaker and I appreciate the use of his own personal experiences to show how he got started and how he too went from the soapbox to the stage. I also appreciate that this books provide help and recommendations on how to navigate through networking and social media opportunities and how to get from free to fee speaking opportunities. Regardless of your educational background, experience, or chosen profession, this book is a direct and to the point guide to help you tap into your passion is and more importantly use it as guide to help you develop or enhance your speaking business.”


Rev. Clyde D. Talley – Senior Pastor, Belmont A.M.E. Zion Church, Worcester, MA
Professional Speaker/Counselor, Member of: American Association of Pastoral Counselors, American Association Christian Counselors, International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Facilitator, Financial Counselor


lenny“I have known Bill for many years and have watched his business grow into the success it is today. Now, he has written a wonderful book about how to turn your dream and passion of helping people into a successful paying speaking business too.”


Lenny Laskowski, Best Selling Author of 10 Days to
More Confident Public Speaking


Here’s what’s in the book
Table of Contents

Section I

Ch 1 – “You’re Not a Speaker… You’re My Husband!”
Ch 2 – Why Start a Speaking Business?
Ch 3 – Getting Started and Finding Your Unique Message
Ch 4 – Explore Your Message to Become an Expert
Ch 5 – Your Speech is Your Foundation
Ch 6 – Honing Your Skills
Ch 7 – Setting Up Your Portable Office
The Business Card
Selecting Your Business Card Information
Phone Numbers
Selecting a Professional Email Address
Returning Phone Calls and Email Messages

Section II

Ch 8 – Getting Your Content Online
Domain Names
Getting Found on the Web
Publishing a Blog
Linking Up With Other Professionals
Writing Articles to Build Your Content
Using Podcasts to Expand Your Reach

Ch 9 – Speak for Free and Get Noticed
Civic Organizations
Professional Associations
Getting Press about Your Talk
How to Write a Press Release
Who to Send It To
The Thank You Card
The Referral Letter

Ch 10 – Getting Noticed in Print and on the Radio
Print Media
Opportunities with Talk Radio

Ch 11 – Getting on Television
How to Become the ‘Go To’ Person TV Producers Will Call
Using Community Access TV to Increase Your Influence

Ch 12 – A Chance to Get Paid Conducting Public Seminars

Ch 13 – A Chance to Get Paid by Professional Conferences
How Conferences Find Speakers
Tips for Being a Welcome Addition to Every Conference

Ch 14 – Building Your Marketing/Press Kit
Marketing/Press Kit Inventory
The Speaker’s One-Sheet
The CV
Letters of Recommendation
Newspaper, Journal or Magazine Articles Written About You
Newspaper, Journal or Magazine Articles Written By You
Professionally Designed Brochure on You and Your Programs
Sample Product
Past Event Performance Evaluations
Past Customer Comments
Your Sample Presentation Proposal
Professional Headshot or Photograph
Putting It All Together

Ch 15 – When the Calls Start Coming In
Being Ready to Talk About What You Have to Offer
The Proposal
What to Charge Your Clients

Ch 16 – Getting Commitment with a Speaker’s Agreement

Section III

Ch 17 – The Conference

Ch 18 – Winning Over Your Audience
Sharing – Making Allies, Not Enemies, in Your Workshop
Respect for Your Audience
Role Playing
Learning Styles
The Visual Learner
Auditory Learners
Audiences Appreciate Your Efforts

Ch 19 – Teaching Methods Your Audience Will Enjoy
Case Studies
Storytelling and Anecdotes
Breakout Exercises
Guests and Panels of Experts
A Memorable Workshop

Ch 20 – The Keynote
How to Get on the Speaker Search Committees’ Radar
Marketing Yourself to Those Who Don’t Know You
Give Them Breakouts
What to Charge
Working with Speaker’s Bureaus
Zero Limits

Ch 21 – Making Connections

Ch 22 – Wrapping Up the Event

Section IV

Ch 23 – Writing a Book
How I wrote My Book

Ch 24 – How to Write an eBook Without Typing a Word
Your Content
The Cover
Almost There!
Selling Your eBook
Ready to Start Writing?

Ch 25 – Selling Audio and Video Products
Editing Your New Audio Product
Adding Music and Sound Effects to Your Production
Getting Your CD Ready for Its Debut
Producing and Publishing Videos and DVDs
Making the Most of Your Products

Section V

Ch 26 – Using Humor and Keeping It Original

Ch 27 – Event Etiquette

Ch 28 – Speaker Sponsorship

Ch 29 – Professional Tips for Getting Hired Again and Again
Preliminary Site Visits and Tests
Use Checklists to Reduce the Stress
Carry Your Written Introduction with You
Carry a Copy of Your Presentation on a Separate USB Drive
Don’t Let it Go to Your Head
Don’t Sell From the Stage
Get Permission or Give Credit Where Credit is Due
The Thank You Note
Bits and Pieces


Speaker’s Agreement
Speaker’s Evaluation – Formal
Speaker’s Evaluation – In-formal

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